Posted by: kathandroger | January 17, 2010

Le curry francais

The one (and only?) thing that I miss from the UK is a good old Indian. The ones you make yourself are good, but not quite the same as going to a proper Indian restaurant. But yesterday we made a great discovery – a real Indian in our local town, Chatellerault. The Taj Mahal didn’t disappoint. The beers were a bit pricey (5 Euros for a 33 cl Kingfisher – not going to get drunk at that price!), and for some reason our nans/chapatis came with our starters… but that aside, it will do very nicely and we look forward to takeaways after swimming on Wednesday evenings. Our lives are complete (simple pleasures)!

A couple of months ago we met a lovely chap at a whiskey tasting who told us he was renovating an old building in Descartes. He invited us to have a look anytime and today, after the market, we went along. It is an old, large,  industrial building (brewery) in the middle of town and  he is combining beautiful old beams and wood with loft style industrial metal to create a stunning 3 floor building. It is a real grand design à la Kevin McCloud and a true inspiration. It makes our plans for our barns look very safe and conventional, but also not quite as daunting a project as the one upon which he and his partner have embarked. We look forward to seeing how it progresses.

Meanwhile, the cold weather appears to have gone for now at least and today was a pleasant 11 degrees in the sun as we walked through the local forest. Signs of spring?… let’s not count our chickens…

..speaking of which, they have started to lay again. Maybe that is a sign that the worst of winter is behind us?

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