Posted by: kathandroger | January 14, 2010

La boue et la Boo

After a couple of weeks of hard frost the thaw has arrived and with it ‘la boue’ – the stickiest mud I have ever seen. Thank goodness M. Joubert was able to finish our courtyard last week or it would be truly horrible. Two or three steps into the orchard are all it takes to cake half an inch of  the brown stuff to boots, wellies or Boudie’s feet!

Speaking of the Boo, romance is in the air… We have started making plans for her to have puppies in the spring. We have located a male Airdale about an hour and a half away and are going to take a trip next week or the week after to suss it out. Let’s hope he is up to the job!

Back to the house. Now the snow has disappeared, here is a view of our couryard (not yet edged of course):

… and on the other side of the wall…la boue:

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