Posted by: kathandroger | January 9, 2010

Fork handles and four candles.

It is folly to hit a big frozen lump of old sheep poo with a wooden handled fork. I know that because I bust my favorite fork the other day whilst doing just that. But no problem because I am a handy man and can fix it tout de suite-or so I thought. In the workshop I bashed my hand trying to get the old broken handle out-bugger! Then after refashioning the stump in wouldn’t quite fit so I thought I would heat the metal head with the blowtorch, but the gas had run out-bugger! After finding my number two blowtorch (doesn’t everybody have two?) I managed to get a good fit but had to bash the handgrip to get a good fit and managed to break it!-bugger! No problem as I can fix handgrips as well, but I managed to break my drill bit whilst pushing too hard in my desperate endeavor to get the job done -bu…..Then I thought I had been swearing too much and decided to light a candle with each following bad word. After the fourth candle the job was done and I now have a fork suitable for standard dwarf-bugger bugger bugger bugger!!

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