Posted by: kathandroger | January 9, 2010

Courtyard and snow

Like most of Europe at the moment we are in a winter wonderland. Fortunately we only have a light dusting of snow so far and it hasn’t prevented us getting out and about. However, with more snow predicted overnight, tomorrow may be a different story – which would be a great pity as we have been invited to our local wine shop for a new year glass of bubbly and galette and then are lunching with friends about half an hour away. It is still cold too – about -8 overnight and -3 during the day.

Despite the inclement conditions M. Joubert and les gars  managed to finish our courtyard yesterday. It looks great and is a big relief given the muddy mess that preceded it. It feels as though 2010 has got off to a flying start at La Belardiere. I would take a photo, but it is now covered in snow!

We had a trip to Chinon and St Nicolas de Bourgeuil on thursday to meet up with some friends of friends and to visit their favourite vineyard. Domaine du Sorbier was a great find. Run by a husband, wife and son team, the wine was excellent and the welcome warm (even if the cave wasn’t!). We shall definitely be back, armed next time with our cubi to fill direct from the barrel.


  1. Thoroughly enjoyed reading the blog.You seem so pleased with the courtyard and you both looked happy on skype .Lovely to hear you have made evenmore contacts . we look forward to the blogs now! Mum

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