Posted by: kathandroger | January 5, 2010

The battlefield

We’re just back after a lovely Christmas and new year break in the UK. Before we left the snow had left our garden looking more like a battlefield than the beautiful orchard we enjoyed this summer. Our soil is fine and looks almost sandy in the summer, but once it sees a bit of rain it becomes instantly clarty, to use a good Yorkshire word. Since we have been back the temperature has not managed to get beyond -2 (-7 today), so it is all frozen, but we know what will happen as soon as it warms up. M. Joubert arrived this morning to finish off the septic tank work, so we discussed again the possibility of him gravelling our courtyard. After a short reflection he decided he would start to take off the top surface and would return when the weather was better to put on the gravel. I must have put on my best disappointed expression because by mid afternoon he had made a series of phone calls and will finish the job tomorrow! Merveilleux M. Joubert! Here he is with jeune getting on with the job:

Given the arctic conditions we have been busy doing warm things. Roger has been chopping down trees and having huge bonfires, whilst I’ve been making copious amounts of leek and potato and roast squash soup. Tomorrow it is forecast for snow again, so that should be just the job. Boudie has been charging around like a mad thing, clearly trying to keep warm. Not sure she had to chew a hole in my shoe though?! Might send her back to the kennels and see how she likes that!

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