Posted by: kathandroger | December 20, 2009

More poo and winter haymaking

I have spent most of the day hovering over the fumes of our now defunct original septic tank trying to find the pipe that takes the waste water -the poo pipe is obvious, but we cant find the other one! The previous owner has been very helpful, but we are still struggling with holes all over the property. We have even stooped to poo watching in the old tank, but although Kath is convinced she can see some new water entering when we turn on the taps I remain sceptical-or rather, septical!

In the spring we hope to keep some sheep and goats, but the top field is in an awful state with the grass much too long and nettles all over the place. It is also difficult to reach up a steep slope, but no problem with my Allen sycthe and quad bike-I told Kath it was an essential piece of kit! The grass has obviously died down a lot, but it is amazing how much is still there when it has to be cut and carted off by hand!-I may not be using the brain much nowadays, but I have the body of a young Charles Atlas.

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