Posted by: kathandroger | December 17, 2009

Winter is here

When we bought our house people said to us ‘don’t worry, it never snows here’. Either they were lying or we are experiencing some sort of climate change, because this is the second time in 11 months we have had a good covering of snow. And Evelyne Dheliat on TF1 weather assures us there is more to come tomorrow and the following day. The temperatures dipped to -10 locally last night too! So here is Boudie enjoying the white stuff:

After losing time yesterday with the flood incident, we feared M. Joubert and his chaps may have to go home early – but no chance. They are hardy souls these local workmen. It was virtually dark when they packed up and all 3 looked tired when we invited them in for a vin chaud. They may not quite finish on time, but they are giving it a damn good go:

Roger meanwhile has been busying himself moving the pile of fumier (manure) we had delivered at the week end. Actually it was probably the best place to be as the heap was still steaming! However, the snow meant that the long awaited control technique on Roger’s car to ascertain its road worthiness had to postponed. He didn’t fancy venturing out into the snow storm in this…

We’ll just have to wait ’til spring!


  1. belle auto, tres belle auto mes c’est quoi la marque ????
    a jeudi

    • c’est un ‘kit car’ que Roger a fait lui meme il ya 30 ans.
      a demain

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