Posted by: kathandroger | December 16, 2009

Earth and water!

We used to have a lovely lawn in our orchard that we have lovingly tended over the past year or so… No we have huge mounds of earth! At least we were able to save our fruit trees as we managed to get M. Joubert to move everything to the right, hence removing the need to rip out 4 plum and apricot trees. I’m sure over the next few months we will manage to get everything back as it was. Here are a couple of shots of the orchard as it is now:

The work on the septic tanks appeared to have been progressing extremely well (and for us the sub-zero temps have meant a minimal amount of mud thankfully). Then this morning one of the guys dug up a water pipe in the road and caused a small river to immediately start to flow down the road. There ensued lots of frantic activity and phone calls and two hours later when we went off to do our weekly ‘Restos du Coeur’ work (and the guys had gone for lunch!) it was still in full flow. When we returned the water had stopped, so clearly they managed to stem the flow somehow. M. Joubert was not happy! Here is M. Joubert in his digger shortly before the incident digging a trench to the new tank:

Roger and I have both been hard at work doing those jobs we have been putting off for ages. I’ve been scraping paint off the beams in the lounge which was not great fun, but is now complete, and Roger has been up in the field cutting grass to try to get our field into some sort of decent shape ahead of the arrival of our sheep in the spring. Apparently Boudie has been helping out too!

Speaking of livestock, our chickens appear to have finally stopped laying in the past few days. It must have been the cold – as I write it is around -7 degrees. Nonetheless, they all seem quite happy and are looking forward to their holidays with our neighbours next week!


  1. We dont recognise the once beautiful orchard.Hope it makes aspeedy recovery !

  2. We dont recognise the once beautiful orchard !Hope it can be returned to its former glory .

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