Posted by: kathandroger | December 11, 2009

nuts and snails

We have been eating several hundredweights  of our walnuts each week and only now have I found out that  they are about 20% carbohydrate, 20% protein and the rest oil!-loads of calories which explains our extreme physical prowess. Nuts are about one of the most concentrated foods we can eat, so I am concentrating on eating loads more.

And more about eating-we were chatting to a pal at dance class last week and he asked where we lived. Having found out that it was in Maziere,  he told us that one of the houses there has a great long wall round it which was his favorite place for gathering snails. Further enquiry revealed that he was talking about our house! We will certainly be looking to supplement out diet, but apparently this has been a bad year for them due to all the heat. I had thought that eating snails were of a special type, but apparently any old garden snail will do-I will post cooking recipes when we have found enough to make a good meal.


  1. Your wallnuts, hand harvested in September, are now providing good sustinance in freezing cold County Durham !

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