Posted by: kathandroger | December 9, 2009

M. Joubert finally arrives!

Having dug his digger out of the lake (5 hours), M. Joubert has finally arrived to begin the work on the septic tanks. And don’t we know it! We have 6 huge piles of sand/gravel half on the road, half on the neighbours’ land and a massive digger in the orchard. Already there is lots of mud… Luckily the weather has changed to sunny, but very cold which hopefully will be better for both him and us!

This afternoon was our second stint at Les Restos de Coeur. This time we were promoted to ‘distribution’ which means accompanying  an individual around the shelves and ensuring they have the correct allocation. It is a very generous allowance – in our eyes anyway – and all were very grateful. There is a large Guinean population in Chatellerault who make up a good chunk of those who sign up, but there is quite a mix of other nationalities. It was quite enjoyable talking to everyone as we dished out tins of Cassoulet, packets of pasta and cartons of compote – amongst lots of other things.

Back to the gate that Roger made the other day… here it is in all its glory….

Now he has finished that, he is back to his Welsh dresser, which is quite a mammoth task, given that it too is being made from rough bits of  wood he has found in the barns. Here is work in progress:

…but I hope it will soon be finished, because here he is with the last piece if wood!

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