Posted by: kathandroger | December 7, 2009

Guinea fowl and new gates

The evenings we spent killing and preparing our chickens already seem long enough ago not to seem too bad and we are thinking ahead to next year and planning our new flock. What is more, we ate the first of our 3 guinea fowl this evening, simply roasted with squash, beetroot and sprouts, and with a few ‘pink fir apple’ potatoes thrown in. A whole meal from our garden – wonderful! The guinea fowl was delicious. Actually I think it was even tastier than the chickens. And contrary to our fears there was more than enough. So, more pintades next year I think.

Roger has been busying himself in his workshop as is his wont and today produced a gate for our top field to replace the old crates that were tied together. He is very proud that he has made it out of old bits of  wood and metal he found lying around. Must get a photo…

Tomorrow is septic tank day – we think! Originally scheduled for September (when it was dry and warm), put back to October, then mid November, M. Joubert has waited until we have had 2 weeks of rain to ensure the maximum mud and mess! It is a major task – 3 tanks and soakaways in the orchard. I can only imaging how muddy Boudie is going to get. Must get a photo…. A demain!

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