Posted by: kathandroger | December 1, 2009

irish whiskey, songs and rugby

Another busy week in this romote social whirl!

We sampled some high class Irish Whiskey in the local wine shop  on Friday evening-presented by a nice Irish girl speaking French-so much easier to understand than the rapid talking locals! The whiskey was OK, but we met some local Brits who run a successful gite business just up the road-it looks a lot like ours will hopefully be so we must pay them a visit.

Saturday evening we spent with some French friends watching France being hammered by the Allwhites. Our friend is a collector of lots of things and is an expert on –whiskey!-he literally has dozens of bottles from all over and we had another great sampling session. It is interesting to see the French when they taste anything-much more thought and discussion than we ever do.

Sunday meant a visit to our local church!-not our usual haunt, but this was to listen to our local choral society. All good stuff and good audience participation. As per normal the performance was followed by cakes and vin chaud and then a visit to our local troglodite caves to light candles for noel-I hope noel appreciated it.


  1. quelle soirée @+ landry

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