Posted by: kathandroger | November 22, 2009

Big Stone

Took  Jimmer to Bordeaux airport without probs yesterday-about 580km there and back but no effort on the wonderful motorways.Why is coffee so expensive in airports?

Did most of my allotted jobs today and then went to our local market to try the Beaujolais Nouveau-quite good so had to buy a few bottles and was delighted to find that I had a members discount for the past six months and that four bottles cost me about three quid in total!

Took the dog for a walk today and found one of the neighbours, Boris,  trying to dig out a bloody great stone from the woods. He was being helped by his father in law and another neighbour, Denis, who lives in the woods. After much huffing and heaving, and with my suggestion of using the car jack, we managed to heave the thing onto a robust trailer and Boris took it home. Apparently it is “tres sympa” and he is using it as a decoration in his garden. It gave all the dogs a good run around and improved my French a little with all the cussing when the thing got stuck. Denis did say something about making a pyramid, but I am hoping to miss that one.

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