Posted by: kathandroger | November 20, 2009

More fungus and septic tanks

We found some Ceps yesterday and were delighted to have them confirmed as the “king of the mushrooms”-Ceps de Bordeaux. We ate these with complete confidence and some toast and they really were delicious, although son Jim did not eat all of his and so his dad had to finish them off-just like 20 years ago!

Dancing classes went well last night, but we are still rubbish at the French version of the waltz-too fast and makes me dizzy!

Jim has done some concreting today and the fosse septique man turned up with his apprentice and plans to start in a couple of weeks, after delivery of a huge pile of sand arrives-our neighbour has kindly agreed to have it parked on his drive! The courtyard will look like the Somme again but Monsieur Joubert has promised me that it will look like Wimbledon when he has finished.-actually he may have said something about Roland Garros, but he was speaking a bit trop vite pour moi!

Dropped Kath off at Tours Railway station today for her trip back to the UK and a girls weekend-all going well with the day but then got lost leaving the station, thought I would take a shortcut and ended up going west instead of south-I am sure someone moved the sun. Must get used to driving again as I am taking Jim back to Bordeaux tomorrow to fly back to UK.

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