Posted by: kathandroger | November 19, 2009

The hand of Henry!

So after weeks of discussion and speculation about whether ‘Les Bleus’ would make it to the 2010 World Cup Finals, they have finally squeezed through by the skin of their teeth, or rather the skin of Thierry Henry’s left hand. However, as someone said on the radio this morning (think it was the minister for sport!) unless they buck their ideas up they won’t get too far in South Africa (or words to that effect). The whole of France appears to be feeling relieved, but not totally comfortable and not very proud of their national team. I guess there was nothing different Henry could have done – you hardly confess to the ref in front of 80000 fans inside the Stade de France. Given the fact that Ireland were clearly the better side, it would have seemed a fairer outcome for the whole affair to have been settled on penalties…but when was sport ever fair? I’m sure there were some in France that were secretly hoping they wouldn’t qualify so they could get rid of Domenech. He makes Steve McLaren look a quality coach. Gignac looks the enthusiastic bustling player Middlesbrough should sign, but he isn’t in the same class as Benzema, who spends every game peering our of the hood of his anorak…

Back to chez nous it is a beautiful autumn day and demolition work has begun. Jim has come to stay for a few days and like any good hosts we have found him a few jobs to occupy his time!

We are preparing the area for our new septic tanks which were supposed to be coming in September, then October and we did have high hopes of mid November, but that seems to have passed by too! If we are really luck work may have started by Christmas!!

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