Posted by: kathandroger | November 16, 2009

Guinea Fowl

Our three guinea fowl were despatched this evening. We thought they may have got wind of their impending doom as before roosting they flew onto our partition wall and could have escaped to the neighbour’s property. Foolishly they decided to return to the chicken coop where I retrieved them with some difficulty and with the aid of a fishing landing net this evening. Neck wringing is still a case of brute force rather than technique I’m afraid. The final result is satisfactory but I would like to exhibit more skill!

We plucked these three using the technique that Michelle and Gerard shared with us of popping them in boiling water before plucking – and this seemed to improve efficiency (though still not quite up to Michelle’s claimed 3 minutes!). All safely in freezer now. We hope the fox doesn’t get the entrails left out for the bin men tonight!

More fungus: I (Roger) picked what seemed to me like a typical mushroom on our afternoon walk but it tasted a bit strange and could well have been a poisonous one! Kath ate more than me, so we’ll se who wakes up tomorrow…

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