Posted by: kathandroger | November 11, 2009

La Chasse

Today has been a national holiday (Armistice Day). So the locals have been doing what they always do here in the winter when they don’t have to work – wander around the fields shooting anything that moves (well, almost anything). Seemed strangely inappropriate somehow given what we were remembering, but when was something like that allowed to interfere with ‘la chasse’?! Actually I’m getting slowly used to it now – and almost quite like seeing the white vans parked on field corners, sometimes with their little trailers for dogs attached.

The problem is that Boudie hasn’t got used to it. She is absolutely terrified of gun shots and therefore spends most of Sundays and other hunting days in a state of nervous fear. This afternoon we popped out, leaving her in the house for safe keeping. On our return we discovered her upstairs in our bedroom, no doubt hiding under the bed which has happened before. She is supposed to be a big tough hunting dog and people keep asking us if we hunt with her… She is going to be very relieved when the season is over!


Fierce hunting dog!

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