Posted by: kathandroger | November 9, 2009

chicken livers.

We have nearly killed all the chickens now-just one to go, and I am getting the hang of wringing necks! Kath has wimped out of all the gory bits and to be honest I dont blame her. Pulling guts out through small rear ends is quite a game too, but I have to admit to a passion for freshly prepared chicken livers-some of the best food I have  eaten  since we have been here. The next batch of murder will be our three guinea fowl, who look very plump and oven ready. The only problem is that they shout pourquoi all the time, which as I am sure you know means why?-I try to tell them its because I am a meat eating animal but they dont seem to  understand. The  leeks and brussel sprouts we pulled from the potager this evening were much less of a problem!  More building work to be done tomorrow if the rain stays away- I am finishing the paving outside the front of the house and Kath will hopefully do the pointing. We shall probably try to get a bike ride in as well, and we need to practise our dancing before the next lesson on Thursday-so another relaxing day in retirement!

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